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New Items Coming to the Shop and UPDATES

Oof! It has been a hot minute since I have blogged but I am here and man do I have some exciting things coming for all of you!

First things first, the Amelia and Gabriel art print is finally live in the shop! The stunning artwork done by the amazingly talented @allexandracurte is now available to complete your Shadow of Twilight collection.

I finally have a release date for Dawn of Light, the final installment in the Fated Darkness series and that is July 12! So keep your eyes out this summer!

But, not only is Dawn of Light coming out, I will also be releasing Hardcover Special Editions for each of the books in the Fated Darkness series! These beauties are the same cover we love but with a laminated hardcover, all new, redesigned interior, and of course signed by me. These Hardcover Special Editions will only be available on this site. Not sold anywhere else.

I know that seems like a lot but I have even more in the works.

I am working closely with A Court of Candles to create exclusive and specially designed candles for Amelia and Gabriel. These candles will have specific scents to remind us of our two favorite characters along with stunning labels in 4oz jars. These will be ready just before Dawn of Light releases and can be purchased separately or as part of the Special Edition Exclusive box.

And last but not least ... drum roll please ... who doesn't love stickers? I had some sticker designs created for the Fated Darkness series and those will be coming to the shop as well. This includes some of our favorite quotes and of course a Twilight Pack territory sticker.

Stay tuned for more updates. Follow me on TikTok for more recent updates. @heathersmithauthor

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