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Someone Save Me From TikTok

Yup, you heard right. The world has ended and I have succumbed to the never ending pit of Tiktok. I thought I could avoid its lure with its southern accent cat videos, psychic mediums, and fellow booktok friends, but nope, I can't. I finally made a Tiktok account and it's kind of taken over my life. Now mind you, I am supposed to be editing Dusk to Dawn...psst I'm like fifteen chapters from being done. But I can't get off Tiktok!

I've been making videos, trying to create content and it is exhausting! But I'm also having a ton of fun with it. There are some really amazing authors I'm finding and just the general love for books on booktok is inspiring and so heartwarming!

Find me on Tiktok and let's be friends! @heathersmithauthor

Now onto other news! We are weeks away from the release of Dusk to Dawn! It is not too late to snag your copy of Shadow of Twilight, reread your copy and get ready for one hell of a ride!

There is one thing I am seriously considering and that is turning these beauties into Hardcover books. That's something I probably won't do until all three in the series are published but it is super enticing. Just thinking of those three in hardcovers on my shelf gets me all giddy.

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