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The Sun is Rising and Setting

I know, my title is kind of cliche, but it's true. I've picked up where I left off on Dusk to Dawn and the end is nearing. I took about a four month break from writing as real life got hectic, but the writing bug has struck again and I'm rolling with it. Honestly, my cousin read Shadow of Twilight for the first time. She called me all excited, hyped up from just finishing and she had all these questions. Her excitement got me excited as her questions led into the next book. Some of the foreshadowing I developed in book 1 left her wondering about book 2. So, I sat down at my desk and started writing again and let me tell you. It feels good!

I am about eight chapters away from finishing Dusk to Dawn. If it's anything like finishing Shadow of Twilight, I could have the first draft finished in as little as a week. Fairly certain I wrote the last twelve chapters of SOT in two days and I was so emotionally drained it took me weeks to recover. Sounds like I went on a alcohol bender but I kid you not. I didn't know whether I wanted to cry or laugh about finishing. SOT was a rollercoaster with how quickly I wrote it. But, DTD is not like that at all, so we shall see.

I definitely believe Dusk to Dawn is more mature than Shadow of Twilight was. More adult themes, such as, torture, sexual violence, PTSD, etc. It's a more engrossing read and definitely plays every emotion and tugs at all the heart strings.....or at least I hope.

I have every intention of releasing Dusk to Dawn in print and ebook late July. I definitely learned a thing or two from releasing Shadow of Twilight, so hopefully this goes much smoother for me. If you're interested in being a BETA reader or even an ARC reader please let me know.

As for real life, kids had Spring Break last week and that was fun......summer should be super exciting!!! (Insert Sarcasm) No, but seriously, should be interesting. LOL. We got Busch Gardens tickets so we'll be doing that and frequenting Grandma's pool as often as possible. On a reading note, I have been reading a bit lately. Catching up on some books I've missed out on over the years. I am going to start reviewing the books I read so be on the look out for that! My first review will be on A Court of Thorns and Roses. Yes, I picked a five book trilogy as my first dive back into YA.

Yup, I'm that book nerd.

What are y'alls plans for the Summer? Do you have a mile high list of TBR? Or is that just me? What am I saying??? I'll be writing....maybe.

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