Dusk to Dawn: Fated Darkness Book 2 Paperback

Dusk to Dawn: Fated Darkness Book 2 Paperback

It's been seventeen years since she left her pack, her home, and her mate. All they've done is run. Her daughter Emery has grown into a beautiful, strong wolf, but has she raised her well enough to survive on her own?


Amelia is tired. Her wolf, Rey, has almost completely faded away. Leaving them weak and vulnerable. The mate bond is slowly killing her as she feels each of his betrayals nearly every night, but it's time to go back home. Can she survive the reunion with her mate? Has too much time passed? Too much damage inflicted?


The Rogues have found them again. Amelia doesn't know how much longer she has left. They're coming. It's time for them to run again, but this time they're running home.




Dusk to Dawn will be releasing July 27th, 2021. Will release updates on preorders and publishing as soon as I know more! Thank you all for the support!

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