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Fated Darkness Custom Candles

Fated Darkness Custom Candles

Thanks to BriarWix candle company, we now have 4 beautifully scented candles made especially for the Fated Darkness Series.


First we have Amelia, scented with Roses, Wildflowers, and Honey. This is a very floral scented candle and reminds us of our female lead and the scent Gabriel is always chasing.


Second we have Gabriel, scented with Cinnamon, Apple, and Clove. This is a very Fall scent. If you love Apple Pie, this is the candle for you!


Third, we have Emery, scented with Roses, Jasmine, and Vanilla. If you want something light, this is it. Emery is the daughter of Amelia and Gabriel, and her scent is not just her own....


Last, we have Fate's A Bitch, our favorite saying, scented with Fresh Citrus and Golden Sunshine. It is heaven in a jar.


This are limited quantities so get them while you can!

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