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Author of the Fated Darkness Series

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Dusk to Dawn, the second installment for Fated Darkness, will be releasing July 27th, 2021. The first book, Shadow of Twilight is available for purchase in the shop and on Amazon. The Fated Darkness series is a Fantasy Romance centered around Amelia, a werewolf. This series contains mature themes; explicit sexual content, violence, and foul language.

Stars Ascending, her first novel, is currently undergoing major revisions and one day will be published. This is a YA Fantasy series. 

The Prince of Blood is a High Fantasy novel that is currently a work in progress.

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January 16, 2021

From the moment Amelia’s mother was brutally murdered, her father made sure she knew to never reveal the secrets of her lineage and the powers that it possessed. No one warned her of what would be unleashed when she met her fated mate. When she shakes Alpha Gabriel’s hand, Amelia knew right away that he was her mate.

Once they completed their bond, Amelia begins to receive dreams, warning her of an attack. An old enemy is lurking in the shadows, watching as she matures into the wolf she is destined to be, but can she figure out who he is and how he’s connected to her past, or will she be too late to save her pack, her family, and her mate?

The nightmares are only the beginning as a new wave of powers overwhelm her. It’s a battle of wills, hearts, and minds, with their lives on the line, and Amelia must decide what she’s willing to give up.

Paperbacks will be available online and signed copies on this site.

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"You fail only if you stop writing."

Ray Bradbury

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